Tuesday, July 08, 2014
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Dream. Hope. Believe. I called my first Pandora post this title because its the most accurate description I could give to what my Pandora bracelet means to me. I've had some emails about why certain charms are on my bracelet and right now would probably be the best time to explain.

So on my bracelet I have the Globe Clip, Silver Aeroplane, Fairy Tales Book, Gingerbread Man Dangle Charm, Mother and Daughter Dangle Charm, Teddy Bear Charm, Silver Safety Chain, Giraffe Charm and Pig Dangle Charm. The Mother & Daughter charm is probably obvious, but I've kept the two together because it means wherever I am in the world my mum will always be with me and we will always be together. The Fairy Tales book is about hope. Most fairy tales have happy endings and for me its about believing things will be alright and that everyone can get through their challengers. Gingerbread man is about running for freedom and not letting other people control you. Not letting other people's criticism bring you down and just being who you are. The giraffe charm is a personal favourite from my friends who originally gave me the bracelet. I was always the tall one out of the group. The globe and aeroplane were given to me by my sister and it's a representation of all the journey's that we've been through and the journeys we are yet to travel.

You can see my original post here. And to check out Pandora's collection of charms click here.

I'm wearing:
Temt Dress

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Photography by me.


  1. Anonymous11 July, 2014

    Your dress is great!

  2. you look great
    nice dress