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Jenny Li, the creative mind behind 5ft10, was inspired to create her blog to escape the pressure of the real world and indulge in the beauties of the fashion industry. Jenny now uses her blog to document her individual style, her travels, current lusts of all the latest shopping trends and continues to escape from the real world.

Currently studying in Sydney, Jenny splits her time between working on the blog, working in real life and studying to accomplish a business degree, proving that there is a such thing as multitasking.

5ft10 represents Jenny's wishes, her outfit choices and travels, but most of all, a message to all her readers to find their sense of self and what makes them happy, just like what Jenny is doing with this online diary.

Each year she upholds one message to all her readers and herself, the first in 2014 being CONFIDENCE is one step closer to being happy.

So follow Jenny on her journey to finding herself.