Monday, September 08, 2014
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With spring in full bloom (you see what I did there?) in the southern hemisphere, it is time to take control and get active for the summer season ahead. Not that you shouldn’t have been active during winter. But of course we can all cover up our winter storage with heavy clothing, but I think in summer that’s a bit different. The biggest motivation when I’m training is 1. Is there a trip that I’m planning for that I need to look good for? And 2. How often am I going to go to the beach this summer? Of course these are material motivations but nonetheless they help me keep active and stay active, so I recommend no matter how stupid you think your motivation is, keep at it because motivation is motivation.

I’ve combined this monthly edition with my mania series, this being the last one. Stay tuned for outfit shoots that are coming soon! Yes, I have finally found some time to shoot! So stay tuned and thanks for reading!


p.s. this was suppose to come out on the 1st but after catching the common cold, I haven't had any time to get online. It's just been lots of sleep and food for me at the moment.


Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
1. Sensi Studoio
2. Alberta Ferretti
3. Mason Michel
4. Alexander McQueen
5. Lulu Frost
6. Monica Vinader

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
1. Miu Miu
2. Cutler and Gross
3. Prada
4. Anna-Karin Karlsson

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
1. Ryan Storer
2. Ryan Storer
3. Arme De L'amour
4. Ryan Storer

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  1. I like the way you edited these pictures x