#thenew5ft10: Part 1

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

After months of hard work, #thenew5ft10 is ready to launch! But just to tease you a little and keep some suspense, all will be revealed in *drum roll please* 7 days!

For those who are anxious to see the new design, I can guarantee you I’m feeling 100x more anxious. Everything in the new design is hand coded by me, with hours of research, trial and error and testing and I just hope you’ll like it as much as I am proud of it. As I’m rolling out the new design, the blog will approximately be down for 2 hours (maybe more) and then when it’s up hopefully everything will be working smoothly!

Following the launch, new departments will be revealed and rolled out over the course of a couple months. So stay tuned and get ready!

As a little celebration of my first year as a blogger I’ll be doing a recap of all of my 2014 posts and some behind-the-scene stories.

I have so much to share with you at the moment, but I am completely freaked out as well. So many questions are running through my mind at the moment like what happens if this whole website just crashes and I was in way over my head or what happens when its a complete let down etc. I guess I won't know until it's up, and we'll all find out in 7 days!


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