Monday, March 30, 2015

Do you ever go to a place and create some of the most wonderful memories and powerful emotions that make you spontaneously smile whenever you remember it? This place is one that holds such power over me. It isn't the place specifically that brings this emotion, but rather the friends that I was with when I was first introduced to this place. I used to drive over this place multiple times a month being that under a bridge, but never did I imagine the treasure I would find when I finally set foot on the land I had always driven over.

That day with my friends and I, we talked, we laughed, we explored and as friendships should be, it was so carefree and natural. Truly one of the greatest and funnest days I've experienced. I can't thank my close friends enough for helping me get through all the rough patches, particularly these last few years for me, for making me smile and laugh, for making me feel that I'm not alone and most of all, for being and staying in my life. So this post is dedicated to all of you! Thank you and I love you all soooo much!

If you haven't figured it out already, I like working with structure, lines, colour, shape and texture, usually mixing all of them when I choose my outfits. As always, starting with a clean base, i.e. black here,I then add all the above mentioned to the outfit. I didn't want black to be too heavy, so I chose this peplum top from Zara as the balance. Add a bit of green to the mix with some leather details and there you have my outfit!

Wearing: Zara Top, H&M Skirt, Alexander Wang x H&M Boots, Dotti Jacket, RayBan Sunglasses





Photos by: Lisa Zhang


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