Thursday, December 05, 2013

1. Colette Bead and Crystal Drop Necklace
2. ASOS Back Chain Necklace
3. SHOPBOP Elizabeth and James Berlin Knuckle Ring
4. LOVISA Gold Thin Point Midi Ring 3 Pack
5. ASOS Paisley Filigree Cuff Bracelet
6. SHOPBOP Jennifer Zeuner Priscilla Mini Eye Bracelet

The latest collection of gold jewelry. I'm quite picky when it comes to choosing gold jewelry. Wear it well and you could look so graceful and elegant, wear it badly and your whole outfit can be mismatched. I think what really helps gold to be worn right is the design, and the ones above I've found are the most aesthetic to their function.

I particularly like number 6, the Jennifer Zeuner Bracelet. Its dainty and elegant, yet the colour of the eye balances out the shape and doesn't overwhelm the bearer with too much gold. Number 2, the ASOS Back Chain I think will become quite a trend in the future. As many of the dresses that we see on the red carpet now being sheer or backless, I think the back chain would be the perfect accessory, minimal yet stylish. Not to mention it gives those actresses and models a chance to show off their assets.