Shanghai 2013 Instagram Diary

Monday, January 13, 2014
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Celebrating the most beloved days with close family and friends. There couldn't be more that I would wish for. I finished work a day early to fly out on the 24th to meet my family in China. My sister and I flew QANTAS and I can't begin to tell you how great their customer service is or how friendly their staff are. Ever need was fulfilled and it was such a please flying with them.

In Shanghai there really was limited opportunity to share with you all the great experiences, the great food and of course some of my shopping pleasures as I had to rely on the wifi of the place we were living at. And as I was barely at home, well you know, the chance is rare. I don't think my instagram photos do Shanghai justice, but for me it really is about enjoying the moment rather than taking too many photos. Yes you will remember the scene/whatever is on the photo, but will the photo allow you to remember your emotions or feeling of actually being there and enjoying the view? I suppose you can say yes, but for me it really is about being in the moment.

A 2014 post will soon be posted up and I really hope you'll all enjoy it!

What I was Wearing:
Panda Hat from Shanghai Markets
Vero Moda Animal Print Jumper
Burberry Scarf

Vero Moda White Ski Jacket
Bardot Jeans

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