Wednesday, November 13, 2013

As a tradition to celebrate the end of high school, we hold a formal where we party one last time with the people who have been with us for the last 6 years.
Think elegance, long dresses, grace and poise and then club dancing and chilling. It was a night to remember and I just want to forever remember my experience. Below are a few photos found online by some of the photographers we had. In many of these photos you will see my closest friends. The ones that have been with me through thick and thin in the last 6 years. I couldn't have survived high school without them. Love you all!

Lets go Crazy Maxi Dress
Collection Clutch (Similar Here)
Mixed Leaf Diamante Drop Earrings

Formal_2 Formal_3Formal_5Formal_6Formal_1Formal_7Formal_9Formal_10Formal_11Formal_12Formal_13Formal_14FormalFormalFormalFormal

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