Sunday, November 17, 2013
2. ASOS MONTANT Monk Shoes
3. Stuart Weitzman Suede Boots
4. ASOS NEW LOOK Catfish Ankle Boots
5. NICHOLAS KIRKWOOD Rose Embellished Sandals
7. MELISSA T strap Flats

There are a lot of great Black shoes out there to suit all situations and to honestly narrow it down to these 7 has been hard. The ACKERMANN boots, though they seem a bit rough of the outside I think they'll look great with a feminine pencil skirt. The heels are thick so you know walking would be alright. They add a touch of masculinity to the wearer and I think that's why I love them.

The ASOS MONTANTA shoes wouldn't be my first choice if I saw they lying on a shelf. But the more I stare at them the greater the potential I see for them. Their texture against smooth leather pants or skinny jeans would make an outfit look effortless and comfortable. Combining aestethics with functionality. In every girls wardrobe there should be thigh high boots and what I love about the WEITZMAN boots is that they are simple. Not overdone with embellishment or buckles but playing on the material and the texture. These would be perfect with all sorts of outfits, whether it be a dress or pants and a tshirt.

The KIRKWOOD sandals...<3 The simple rose and design accompanied with the gold snake chain, I don't know how to describe my love for them. They are at the top of my christmas list at the moment, though I probably don't need the heels height. Finally I think in every girls wardrobe there should be a simple black pump. These Saint Laurent pumps can compete with the Louboutin Pigalle. With black pumps you can almost wear it with any outfit! Its a must have in every wardrobe. Whether it be for business, meetings, dinner, date nights, events, or just shopping, they match almost every outfit with is such a BONUS!

I hope you've enjoyed the suggestions I've offered above. If there is anything you would like to see in the future, please comment below.

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