Saturday, February 22, 2014
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Nail polish. Nail pampering. Nail care. I'm sure every girl likes to get their nails done, whether at home with a bottle of their favourite nail lacquer or in a salon done professionally. Personally I like the former as it's not as time consuming as heading to a salon and I can change it as frequently as I like. Of course that means some of the fancy designs there is out there in the world I can't have.

There are a range of good brands out there that do nail polish with good colours and that last long, however personally I found Revlon Brilliant Strength and Colorstay to be the best for me. I haven't pictured any nail care below but I like the use OPI Nail Oil and Essie Top and Bottom Coat.

Revlon Brilliant Strength 050
Revlon Brilliant Strength 150
Revlon Brilliant Strength 070
Revlon Colorstay 310
Revlon Colorstay 060

DSC_1394 IMG_5569 IMG_5576 DSC_1399 IMG_5632DSC_1386IMG_5613 photo (1)DSC_1391

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