Saturday, March 08, 2014
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Flowers, metals, jewels, beads, pearls, scarves, feathers, there are sooo many things I girl can put in her hair to make her feel dressy, or for her to add a bit of bang to her outfit. The above 7 are just some common examples I've seen around the streets, I've seen people where to events and number 2 particularly I have that at home and recently worn it. Click here for my instagram post! But really what I want to say is that something so simple as a flower or a hair clip can really make the difference to your outfit.

As shown in the picture:
1. Silver Tone Leaf Halo (Also comes in gold)
2. Black wreath crown (comes in gold and silver)
3. Peacock Feather Hair Tie
4. White and Peach Floral Headband
5. Pink and White Rose Band
6. Three pack rose hair tie
7. ASOS Double Hair Brooch

Here's a rundown on why I chose each and everyone of these. With number 1, the design is so simple and elegant that it gives off an easy vibe. Put it on your head with a simple hairstyle or none at all and you're looking all the more elegant but not too much for any occasion. As I said before I have number 2 in gold, its got this Grecian theme to it and so its easy work for any costume party. It can fit on your head as shown in the picture above, or it can actually go the other way where you have the band in front and the leaves facing downwards. The design it pretty much suited to all face shapes and so makes it the perfect go to Grecian accessory.

Number 3 is one of those really crazy fun things that you do/put on your head. I've seen many wear it with their hair down and some feather sticking out and then I've seen others wear it like a hair tie and bow. The item is really great because you can almost do anything with it. I can even imagine it going around my waist if it were long enough, which i think it is. Number 4 and 5 are quite similar but the reason I put both in was that 5 just has that more elegance and gracious feel to it compared to 4. I would wear 4 to a picnic or even everyday, whereas with 5 I would most likely save it for something more intimate or romantic. It's all in the colours.

Number 6 is a simple hair tie package of three roses of different colour. Something to pop out in your hair when you're dressing really casually. See! Something simple. And then we have number 7, the most fancy of them all. It's a chain brooch if you can't tell by the photo. One for the front and one for the back or the other side, depending on how you like it. What made this really stand out as the colouring and the shape, its just soo different to anything I've ever seen before. I love this item as it really takes what you're wearing to the next level! It's got sass and style and just glam! I can actually say I'm lost for words.

Hopefully that gave you some inspiration for future hair styles!

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