Monday, May 26, 2014
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China town, more like tourist town, with a hint of culture. A 10 minutes cab ride away from my hotel is this marvelous place with small restaurants, road-side food, shops selling knicks and knacks, some cultural elements and a whole lot of people (I'm just kidding, depends on which day you go). When we first arrived in China Town, we headed to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum and to respect their religion, no photos were taken. But a few streets away were China Town's very own market place. You could get all sorts of goodies here, like chopsticks, fans, hand-carved stones, magnets, signs, scarves, clothes, technology, and anything touristy. You think of something and chances are you'll find it in a store.

Along with the shops are a series of small restaurants, you can call it, that offer a range of Singapore specialty foods. Coconuts, durians, pastries, fruits and much, much more! This is a definite go-to place if you're ever in Singapore.


Shops selling bags, scarves, t-shirts and jewels.

Refreshing coconut after a long shopping spree.

Some postcards, watches, bag tags, hats, stickers and jewelry.

The owner of this shop will carve a word or your name onto a singular rice, place it in a chosen bead and attach it to a string. So you have your name within a bead. It's really cool!

Some fans if you want to cool off!

You pick a stone and you give the owner a character and they carve it out for you, so it becomes a stamp. There are quite a few shops that do this, the one I went to cost SGD$20.

Give them a name and they'll write it for you in Chinese with a special brush and ink.

Shops selling umbrellas, scarves, toys, chopsticks, magnets and an assortment of jewelry.

Photography by me.