Friday, May 23, 2014
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The name is 100% accurate. Gardens by the Bay. My first full day exploring Singapore, I decided to venture close to home, or as close to home as I could get, i.e. my hotel, and went to Gardens by the Bay. I had heard so many great reviews about the place and so many amazing photos, that my expectations were high and I would have to say the Gardens did not disappoint. Set amongst the busy city and port life, the gardens are an oasis. Each section is a representation of a different culture and it is absolutely amazing to see the difference but also the similarities between the countries that are so geographically close to one another.

It is free to roam around the gardens, however some places do require entrance fees. For a general adult, entrance to the OCBC Skyway, which are where these photos are taken from is SGD$5 and entrance to the two Conservatories is SGD$28.

If you're planning on spending the whole day there, which you definitely could, there are quite a few dining places. The most popular would probably be the SuperTree dining, found in the centre of the OCBC garden. Located in a vertical tower it overlooks the rest of the garden. There are a few other places that you could get some delicious food, but I'll post the names in the recommendation post I have coming up.

One last thing before I close this post to the beautiful scenery; if you can, come in the day to enjoy the array of flowers and sun, but also come at night, when the lights are on and everything just brightens up!

You can find what I'm wearing on my previous post here

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