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And so it ends. My final post from Singapore before I show you all the new content that I have lined up. As promised in all the other posts, this post will be about my experience and my recommendations on what you can do in Singapore. You can completely ignore my advice or you can follow it, or a bit of both, but I want to thank you for taking the time to look at this article.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these "recommendation" articles, as I'm thinking of opening up a new section on the blog that has the complete list. It would also be a good opportunity for me to come back to see where I've been and where I've yet to explore in each new city I go to. So any thoughts would be gladly appreciated. Thanks!

If you want more information about any of these places, I would be glad to answer any of your questions. Post a comment or send me an email!


My first thought at recommending a place, any place in Singapore to see, is Gardens by the Bay. The place is truly amazing, with a wide range of florals from all different cultures and some native to Singapore, restaurants to eat at and lights to see at night, on offer. Why this is top of my recommended list, would be that the grounds are free to roam, making it the perfect place to come back over and over again, and each time you do there is something new to see. Only the 2 Observatories and OCBC Skyway require payments, $28 for both Observatories and $5 for the latter.


Why this is under sightseeing and not things to do is that, the Singapore Flyer offers both an amazing view overlooking the city inside the capsules and as part of Singapore's skyline. The best place to see the whole flyer, that's also safe, is on top of Marina Bay Shoppes. Head up to level 4, then follow the escalators up again to the roof where it connects to Gardens by the Bay. You get an amazing view of the Flyer as well as the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel.


I previously mentioned that I went to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum even though you haven't seen any pictures. You don't have to believe in the religion to enter the grounds, but the rules are you must wear respectful clothing. That means covered shoulders, no open back and pants or skirts below the knees. We all know that Singapore is known for its hot weather, so if you don't feel like wearing these items all day long, the temple does provide sarongs to help you cover up. One of the reasons this is in my recommended sightseeing is that it provides a clear opportunity to get to know the religion, the culture, with ceremonies happening almost everyday.

Gardens by the Bay



There are 4 ways, that are convenient to tourists, to get to Sentosa Island. The first option is to take a taxi, however it will incur an additional fee (around $3) on top of your fare to gain access to the island. The second option is to take the Cable Car (SGD$29 per adult) where it provides a magnificent view over both Sentosa island and Singapore. The third, is to take the Sentosa Express (a bullet like train/tram/monorail). On the website it states it costs $4 per adult, however on the day I went to Sentosa, it was free entry/exit. And finally the fourth option is to walk the Sentosa Boardwalk which I did on my trip to Sentosa. Its approximately 620m, with open and undercover areas, travellators, great views of the port and more flowers to entertain your walk, however it does come with a $1 entry fee that you pay when you arrive on Sentosa Island. I personally recommend this as it's really fun to just rely on your own two feet sometimes and not on technology.


There are so many activities to do on this island that I can't name them all, but two activities that I would recommend are the Tiger Sky Tower and doing the Luge and Sky ride. The former is a 360degree tower ride where it provides amazing views of the island and ports accompanied with audio explanations, while the second is an all-ages ride where you go-cart your way down a series of hills and to return back to where you started you take a sky-ride. Almost like a cable car, but not as high and not enclosed, though the riders are perfectly safe.
There is a Universal Studios situated on this island, however I never went in so I can't say what it would be like.


There are a lot of places to eat on the island, whether you're looking for fine dining, fast food, dessert places or cafes to relax and enjoy the view. I went to one particular delicious place, but unfortunately I can't remember the name and I can't find it on the official list on Sentosa Dining. I do however remember that it was in the Resort's world section of the island. It offered up pasta, soup, pizza, steaks and the best corn on the cob in the world.

Sentosa Merlion


1. Macarons; 2. Six tier cake; 3. Truffle fries; 4. Cheese and Seafood Pot; 5. Chilli Crab; 6. Red Bean Icy; 7. Fruit juice; 8. Fresh Coconut

I'm just going to put it out there. I love food. And whenever I get the chance to go to a new country and experience their specialty foods or foods that are part of their everyday life I get so excited and literally jump up and down. There are a couple places that I want to recommend and there are also a couple of restaurants/shops that deserve applause for the amazing service and the delicious food. First off, as a dessert lover, I recommend going to Au Chocolat in Marina Bay Shoppes. It's just above the food court and it features photos 2,3 and 7. Perfect for an after-dinner snack. Photo no.1, the Macarons, are from TWG Tea. All the flavours are quite nice, but I particularly like the Napolean Tea with Caramel. Photo number 4 comes from this small restaurant in the middle of Orchard Rd opposite Robinsons, unfortunately I don't have a name for the restaurant. But the food was delicious. Photo 5 was taken at this restaurant in Vivo City on the Ground floor. I had high expectations for Singapore's Chilli crab and this did not disappoint. Their specialty is also Black Pepper Crab. I definitely recommend trying it out, however ask for prices before you go in, as some restaurants definitely overprice their seafood. $6 per 100g for a crab is the average price. Photo number 6 is from Gardens by the Bay. Something very delicious to cool you down after a big walk through the park. And finally photo number 8 is from China town Markets, though you could get fresh coconuts at most places on the island. There are the white ones, featured in the photo, and bigger green ones. For sweetness, the white ones are recommended.

There are a couple of night markets that you can head to that offer specialty foods. The Lau Pa Sat Markets were recommended to me, however at the time, the market place was under renovation so double check before you head there. Bugis Street also offers food stalls in between shops that sell merchandise and other novelty items. The only downside to both these places are that they are tourist orientated, therefore prices are a bit high and there are a lot of people.


If you're looking for high-end fashion houses as well as brands such as Charles & Keith, Zara or 3.1 Phillip Lim, then this would be the place to go. For me, the atmosphere of the place is what makes me come back again and again as well as the canal and the close proximity to my hotel.

There are a lot of shoppping areas on Orchard Rd and if you want your feet to survive, I would suggest spreading it out over the course of a couple days. Some of the centres offer high-end brands, whereas others offer relatively cheaper shops as well as those only seen in Singapore and have no international connections. There are also centres that stock completely Australian brands such as Billabong, Sunglasses hut, Temt and Colette. My recommendations on Orchard Rd are 313@Somerset and The Centrepoint.

For the young, the old, the hip, the cool and the chic. This street/marketplace is more young people orientated but there are some stores for the older generation. On one part of the street is a centre, with stores lined up neatly, like any other place, on another part is the marketplace of marketplaces. With stalls carrying bags, clothes, shoes, jewelries and novelties to food stalls, with an assortment of yummy food, this is definitely a place you could spend one whole day getting lost and carried away in.

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One thing that doesn't really seem to fit into any category is what to bring. I suggest bringing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, on top of any other clothing items you are bringing. However if you do forget, you can always buy it in Singapore. The sun in Singapore can be very sharp and if you're always outside without protection, you're most likely going to get tanned or sun-burnt.

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