Thursday, June 05, 2014
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It seems only befitting to call the June Edition "Fire & Ice". The start of Winter in the southern hemisphere and Summer up north, means the fashion world is at complete odds at the moment. While some are basking under the newly awaken sun in the Northern hemisphere, on the other side of the world, other's are piling on the layers trying to keep as warm as possible.

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june; ice

For me, winter is one of the hardest seasons to dress. I want to be comfortable, which usually entails some sort of track-pants and hoodie, but then I need to be presentable outside for work, uni and other events. My favourite item in the list is #5, the leather jacket. I've owned mine, not the same style/brand, but similar for over 4 years now and I can say it has protected me from the cold, the wind, the rain and everything associated with winter. For me, a leather jacket is a staple piece, you can wear it with almost any outfit; you're protected from the cold and you look good while you're at it. I'm wearing my jacket right now, as I'm writing this post.

1. Alexander McQueen Bag
2. Emma Cook Sweatshirt
3. Current Shirt
4. Chinti and Parker Shirt
5. Saint Laurent Jacket
6. MCQ Boots
7. Dolce & Gabbana Cardigan

june; ice2

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june; fire

Summer is definitely an easier season to dress as compared to winter, with a greater selection of items to choose from. That being said, it is harder to decide what to wear with a greater selection of goods. From this pile, I love everything, particularly number 5, the leather skirt. I think I'm having something about leather today. I just feel as though it's so versatile and I've had first hand experience on how to dress it up or down. Add a collared shirt to the skirt and it becomes semi-formal, a silky singlet on top and you've got something that you can wear out on a Friday night, add a bulky sweater and you'll look warm but sleek. The combinations are endless. You can see how I dressed down my similar white version here.

1. Fendi Sunglasses
2. Isabel Marant Shorts
4. Dolce & Gabbana Skirt
5. Saint Laurent Skirt
6. DVF Jumpsuit
7. Lela Rose Top
8. Sophia Webster Heels

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