2014: A Year in Review

Tuesday, December 30, 2014
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Happy holidays lovelies! As the year draws to an end, I think it’s best to reflect upon what has happened and not dwell upon what could have been. I am so happy to say that 5ft10 has officially turned 1 years old. As you may know from the birthday post, we’re pushing back the celebrations until our new platform has launched (can’t tell you the date but it will be soon!) but for me, everyday that I have this blog to turn to is a celebration for me.

This year marked my first as an adult, my first year of uni, and with those came a lot of fun experiences, memories and great friends. I am so glad that throughout the course of the year I could relay some of the things that have happened to me and know that you were there to support me and guide me.

This year one of my main goals on the blog and in real life is to talk about and achieve confidence. Confidence in the way you look, the way you act, the way you speak, various forms of how we communicate to the general public. In my post, Confidence is Key I talk about how confidence leads to a more happy and healthy self. I still believe these words I wrote all so long ago. Sometimes ignoring the criticism of others is for your own benefit, but also I believe that having the strength to hear criticism and not let it affect you be the best lesson a person could learn. It’s definitely hard to ignore harsh words but you just have to remember everyone has their own opinions, everyone’s voice is unique.

I’m starting a little tradition this year, my end of year post will feature behind the scene photos and photos that I never made public. They’re mostly of me playing with my remote and doing funny acts or doing the inconspicuous selfie. I hope you enjoy! I do have a couple things planned before the end of the year, but with very limited time (2 more days until 2015!) I’m not sure they’ll get posted. But fingers crossed!


Little Mary Poppins fun on set.


Love this background! Dinner with my friends.


My little tradition since I was 14. Jump!


Point the toes my ballet teacher used to say.




I whip my hair back and forth. Back and forth I repeat.


Big bird flying at me. Had to duck!


Photo with the sis


Not all photos are front facing *wink*


Beach selfie because why not?


Fun times @ Uni with the Arc Street Team


Love my family


I could wake up to this view all day, everyday.


Pretending I'm a pop star


With my second family, Giraffes


Blue Mountain tradition, best apple pie in the world!


Annual haircut. I cut off approximately 30cm every year.


hehe, another selfie


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