Thursday, February 12, 2015
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The magazine look. Here's to going back to kindergarten and cutting out pretty pictures in magazines and gluing them to create a collage. Except this time no glue was involved rather we upgraded to a scanner and photoshop. When I wore this look I honestly didn't know what I would do with it, I literally threw the look together because of comfort. When I finally chanced a glance in the mirror I imagined myself with sunglasses and a red lip strolling down Venice Beach in California. I know totally weird, but that's what I imagined. So I grabbed my sunglasses, put a bit of lipstick on and started shooting. That was a quick process. The editing, another story. I think this was my longest edit to date. But that's okay, I like the result.

The reason why I'm bringing California up right now is because I have an announcement to make. If you've been following my instagram (@x3jenli) then you know I've been #throwingback some photos to a place with such an incredible view. Very much excited to travel there again. Without further ado, drumroll please... On Feb 17th, I will once again set flight and head for the States, in particular Honolulu, Hawaii. (I bet you thought I was going to say California!) I've never been to the mainland before, but this will be my second trip to Hawaii and my first without my whole family. I am incredibly nervous, but right now that has to be set aside as I got to study for my upcoming exam on the 13th. And just my luck. Friday the 13th. But that's okay. 13 is my lucky number!

Wearing: Dotti Top, Vintage Skirt, Alexander Wang x H&M Boots


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